Apache Spark: Custom streaming data source

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  1. Structured Streaming


To add read-support to our custom steaming data source, we need to implement MicroBatchReadSupport interface.

  1. end offset is used in setOffsetRange(start,end). The offset range is used to create InputPartition.
  2. For each InputPartition, InputPartitionReader is created that is then used to read the data from the given offset range.
  3. When data is read up to a certain offset, that offset is committed, so that we can flush out the data up to that offset from out local buffer.
Dataset<Row> dataset = sparkSession
.readStream().format("com.bigdataprojects.customstreamingsource.CSVStreamingSource").option("filepath", "path_to_file").load();

Static data source as Spark Streaming data source

Any static data source can be converted into a streaming data source. We just need to take care of the termination condition.



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